Drumming For The Best In Us w/ Kele Nitoto

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The Well, 5443 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Music As Medicine Project is honored to bring you "Drumming For the Best In Us," a fall intensive with Bay Area accliamed drummer and teacher Kele Nitoto.

This intensive is a 6-week hand drumming course will engage in both technical and therapeutic aspects of hand drumming, offering students an engaging depth of study into this rich, musical path. Not only is drumming fun and entertaining, it improves heart health, reduces stress, and ameliorates depression. Kele's techniques are designed to take advantage of all these benefits as well as help participants learn enough technical skill to become comfortable playing drums in a variety of settings including performance and improvisational music jams.

The intensive consists of 3 group lessons held every other Wednesday evening at The Well in Oakland, and 3 private lessons adapted for your schedule. Group classes will focus on the therapeutic aspects of Group Drumming, including drumming meditation, therapeutic exercises, and melodic patterns. Private lessons will help participants better their technical drumming, learning how best to strike the drum, proper placement, and exercises for speed and precision.

Therapeutic Emphases- - Drumming as Meditation - Call and Response (You are Being Heard) - Exercises for the releasing of Tension and Stress - Melodic Rhythm; Exercises in polyrhythm (Parts of the Whole)

Technical Emphases- - Proper hand placement - Exercises for speed and precision - Exercises for ambidexterity - Recognizing rhythmic patterns

Group classes will be hosted on October 10 & 24nd and Nov 7th from 7:30-9:30pm at The Well, 5443 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94609. There will be an optional culminating performance opening for Lydia Violet on November 17th at The Well. Private lessons can be scheduled privately with Kele according to student's schedule upon registration.

Registration is $375, with partial-full scholarships available upon application. Please email kelenitoto@gmail.com with all scholarship requests!

Kele Nitoto is a second generation African-American percussionist. Born and raised in the Oakland Dance Culture, Kele Has studied with Masters of many styles, becoming proficient in West-African, Congolese, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Peruvian, and Afro-Haitian traditional drumming. A co-founder the Black Dot Artist Collective, Kele has also become one of the Bay Area’s most sought after percussionists for R+B, Hip-Hop and Jazz and has performed throughout the country in dance companies, bands, and teaching workshops and classes .

Kele has taught hundreds of workshops and classes over the years with adults and children. He has taught at summer camps, spiritual and workplace retreats, and for countless ceremonies and celebrations. Through it all he continues to explore all aspects of percussive music, and what it can mean to those who hear it.