Singing the Bones Fall 2019

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MAM Online School

Singing The Bones: A 5-part live Webinar Exploring Ancestries Through Myth & Song

Sept 30th, Oct 14th, Oct 28th, Nov 11th, Nov 25th, 5-7pm PST

In this live webinar series Iranian-American artist & scholar Lydia Violet will guide you in exploring at least one of your ancestries through myth and song. By the end of this course you will have a deeper understanding of the cosmologies/myths/stories held within your cultural lineage(s), a medicinal endeavor in our time. You will also be supported in discovering and learning at least one song from your heritages. You will delve into discovering the musical styles, instrumentations, customs, and rituals singing in your blood. You will see the connections and differentiations across cultures. And most importantly you will connect more deeply with your ancestors, discovering what relationship with them means for you.

This class is open to music explorers of all levels!