Just Feel Better: A Pre-Election Workshop

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A two-hour program to simply help you feel better... About this Event The intensity of this year’s election cycle and political climate is unrelenting. We are here to intervene --- we are here to feel better.

Just Feel Better is simple, 2-hr program specially designed to support participants in soothing their nervous systems away from panic and paralysis, even just for a moment. When we do this, we have more access to the resilience and agency living in our bones and spirits.

Because this much is clear: We are feeling the impact of climate catastrophe on our nervous and respiratory systems, we are tracking the strain of pandemic on our mental and emotional well-being, and we are inundated psychologically and existentially with the uncertainty surrounding the future. In the midst of it all, we are called to deeper and deeper ability to mobilize for justice, liberation, and life.

This program will be a trajectory of exercises drawn from Lydia's decade of experience facilitating hundreds of workshops that have helped participants do just that --- resource deeply.

Tools we will use:

  • The Work That Reconnects (WTR), a dynamic, interactive body of work developed by Joanna Macy, a scholar and respected elder in systems theory, deep ecology, and Buddhism as well as 50+ years of international activism. It offers teachings, group exercises, and meditations that we can rest into and organize with, in our desires to be effective allies to both planet and people.

  • Mindfulness practice

  • Music as Medicine (no musical experience necessary)

Facilitated by Lydia Violet Farshid Harutoonian :

As a musician and scholar-facilitator, Lydia Violet has always joyously committed to sharing tricks and tools with others, conjuring integrity and deep emotional resources for our time. Lydia serves as a dedicated keeper and steward in the lineage of deep ecology elder and wisdom keeper Joanna Macy. After ten years of sustained study and mentorship in Joanna Macy’s "Work that Reconnects," as well as immersion in systems theory and anti-oppression education, Lydia is amazed at how relevant this work is to our current planetary moment, like an acupuncture needle for the hurts of these times.