Learn to Sing! w/ Lydia Violet

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sing, but been unsure of where to start? Unable to afford regular private lessons? Looking to demystify the art of singing and free your voice into beautiful song? Then you have ended up in the right place! 

Welcome to the Music As Medicine Project's "Learn to Sing!" Video Series with yours truly, Lydia Violet. After 30 years of studying & teaching music, I have created this series to offer an easy-to-use, high quality, and affordable way to study the art of singing in the comfort of your own home.

The series features 9 exercises in technique that are a basic foundation many singers use as they begin their vocal training, 5 lesson videos of songs I have gathered over my years of musical travels around the world, 3 additional song lesson videos from special guests Barbara McAfee, Te Martin, and Josh Blaine! 

100% of the proceeds go towards supporting Music As Medicine's programming, including vital rivers like our scholarship fund, veterans support work, and more.

To check out the full series go here, and May Your Music Be Medicine!

 Full program at https://music-as-medicine-project.teachable.com/p/learn-to-sing​​​​​​​