Begins November 5th!

In these precarious times, when the future of 95% of life on Planet Earth hangs from the frailest of threads, how will we bear it? How do we resource, nourish, and center up, so that we can stay active in contributing our work to a beautiful world in crisis? 

Here you will find a supportive group engaging in just that. Facilitated by seasoned teacher and artist-activist Lydia Violet Harutoonian, we will draw from wellsprings such as Joanna Macy's "Work That Reconnects" (WTR) and adrienne maree brown's "Emergent Strategy." 

Macy's WTR is a dynamic, interactive body of work developed over the past 40 years by Macy, a scholar and respected elder in systems theory, deep ecology, and Buddhism as well as 50+ years of international activism. Practiced internationally, this work has helped many thousands of people to engage in the Great Turning, re-invigorating our energy for action and resilience. 

Subjects explored will include but are not limited to: 

- Psychological resourcing amidst crisis 
- Trauma-informed healing 
- Deep ecology & systems theory for everyday life 
- Healing as an act of resistance 
- Healing strategies from deep ecology, living systems, and biomimicry 
- Honoring our pain for the world 
- Systems wisdom for equity work 
- A breakdown of brown’s Emergent Strategy: Fractals, Intentional Adaptation, Interdependence and De-centralization, Non-linear and Iterative Process, Resilience 
- Living In Radical Uncertainty 
- Finding your niche in the ecosystem of healing alive on the planet. 

Special guests will include Joanna Macy, Amikaeyla Gaston, Penny Livingston, and more internationally celebrated wisdom keepers & artists. 

“Just as our pain for the world arises from our connectivity, so does our power.” - Joanna Macy 

“How do we turn our collective, full-bodied intelligence towards collaboration, if that is the way we will survive.” - adrienne maree brown 

You will have access to 2, 2-hour sessions per month, generally the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. We accommodate international times zones by hosting one meeting at 10am PST and one at 5pm PST per month. This is an ongoing group that can be joined at anytime. 

Our facilitator, Lydia Violet Harutoonian, has been a dedicated apprentice to Macy and the WTR for the past decade, as well as studied Emergent Strategy facilitation with adrienne maree brown. As an Iranian-American touring artist and scholar, she returns time and time again to the inner and relational tools she has developed from engaging Macy and brown's work, which offer a place to rest and regroup as the crises of our time intensify. 

“Emergence is beyond what the sum of its parts could even imagine.”- adrienne maree brown 

“We have received an inestimable gift. To be alive in this beautiful, self-organizing universe – to participate in this dance of life with senses to perceive it, lungs that breathe it, organs that draw nourishment from it – it is a wonder beyond words. And it is, moreover, an extraordinary privilege to be accorded a human life, with this self-reflective consciousness that brings awareness of our own actions and the ability to take choice. It lets us choose to take part in the healing of our world.” - Joanna Macy 

Contribution is $40/month, with scholarships available. To inquire for financial assistance please write to

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