Songs of the Spheres: Exploring Music through Astrology 

6 Online Sessions: Monday evenings 5:30-7pm : Feb 17-March 23 

Music calls to the soul. Music speaks a language more accessible to the emotions and the imagination than the intellect. Music can awaken, heal, and bring catharsis. Why is that? Music is more than simply a human artifact—it is a channel for the sacred powers of this world, the archetypes that stand behind the cosmos. The ancients could hear the music of the spheres. Today, one way we can rediscover those songs is through astrological practice. 

Using the discipline of astrology, this course will explore a variety of musicians and genres through an archetypal lens. The course will open with an introduction to archetypal astrology, unpacking the meanings of the planets and the aspects, before turning this knowledge toward analyzing the natal charts of different musicians to see how the configurations of the planets have manifested in their musical creations. Music and astrology naturally illuminate one another, and not only will this course offer a basic foundation in archetypal astrology, it will deepen one’s awareness of the archetypes at play in the music created by the human family. 

Course Outline 

Week 1: February 17 • Foundations of Archetypal Astrology 

The first class offers a brief history of archetypes from Greek philosophy to depth psychology, as well as introducing the meanings of the planets and aspects, and the structure of the natal chart. We will also delineate the three forms of astrological correspondence: the natal chart, personal transits, and world transits. 

Week 2: February 24 • Light and Shadow of Venusian Love Songs 

Venus is the archetype of love and beauty. This class will explore permutations of Venus through love songs: the transcendent and celebratory, the bittersweet and heartbreaking, the deeply transformative. 

Week 3: March 2 • Exploring the Depths with Saturn and Pluto 

Saturn is the archetype of structure, discipline, hard work, time, and tradition, and Pluto is the archetype of the depths, the underworld, power, and the death-rebirth mystery. This class will explore how these archetypes shape the quality of sound, and can also be applied in understanding social commentary through music. 

Week 4: March 9 • Going Electric: Uranus in Music 

Uranus is the archetype of the rebel, the trickster, the innovator, and the revolutionary. This class will explore permutations of Uranus in sound, style, and genre, whether it is the pioneering of new musical styles, breakthroughs in an individual artist’s career, or the musical expressions of different revolutionary periods in history. 

Week 5: March 16 • Archetypes on Stage: How the Whole Chart Affects Performance Style 

Thus far, the course has been exploring specific astrological aspects and how they manifest in individual songs. But how does a full natal chart, or the interaction between natal chart and world transits, come through in an artist’s performance style or entire musical oeuvre? This class will layer the astrological knowledge built throughout the class for a more complex and comprehensive analysis. 

Week 6: March 23 • An Open Forum for Student’s Musical Requests 

Over the duration of the course students can share requests for particular artists, songs, or genres they would like to explore. This class will be specifically tailored to those requests. 

All sessions will be hosted live, as well as recorded and available for student viewing after each live session. 

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"Becca is an incredible astrologer. She's deeply gifted in understanding the relationships in the heavens, and how they relate to our lives and choices on Earth. She's articulate, intelligent, and compassionate- I can't recommend her enough." - Lara Bache