Whether you are an aspiring facilitator or arrive here with decades of experience under your belt, we all need community support to develop our craft and continue to deepen our understandings of the content and facilitation of Joanna Macy's work in our unfolding planetary moment. 

And we need to know each other, both locally and international. The "Work That Reconnects" has cultivated a rich, international community. One of our goals here is to connect you further with your WTR comrades, both local and afar. 

Here you will also find multiple, supportive resources for the development of your knowledge your craft as a WTR facilitator including: 

- Two Wednesday 2-hour Zoom meetings per month, connecting our growing community of facilitators and students of the WTR. One will be at 10am PST and one at 5pm PST to accommodate a diversity of time zones. We will meet and discuss our questions, discoveries, and facilitation tools. 

- Each Zoom meeting will begin with a short lecture by seasoned facilitator and student of the Joanna's, Lydia Violet Harutoonian. These subjects relate to the WTR and it's facilitation and can also be shaped by participants through periodic survey. Conversations will also focus on current, emergent world events and how to incorporate these events to stay relevant in our workshop, educational, and community gathering spaces. 

- One year of recordings of past lessons and meetings, including with Joanna Macy, adrienne maree brown, and others. You have full access to these recordings, with ability to review them as we cover an introduction to WTR facilitation, teaching through exercises, equity and facilitation, and more. 

Written and video resources on the respective subjects covered each month will also be available, as well as past materials. 

- The ability to connect with facilitators both in your area and around the world. Each Zoom call will also be a space for participants to bring their discoveries and challenges around facilitating/understanding the WTR to the table for conversation.

More info at https://music-as-medicine-project.teachable.com/p/wtr-facilitator-support-group

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